IT Workspace management
IT Workspace management
Stop wasting valuable time finding the perfect way to manage your IT.

We know software...

...and how to manage it!


Our focus is user experience

...your employees should be able to work efficient!

Can you identify with long logons (>15 sec), missing required applications and settings? Every day again...?

This is NOT as it has to be, even if others say 'this is the best possible'. Empower your employees to be more productive by offering them the best, often even with less (expensive, complex, ...) tools!

Your IT department, end users and IT infrastructure will thank you!

About CoBSS

Key features we can offer you

Government, Education or Enterprise...?

No mather what your company does:
End-users require computers and applications! They need and deserve optimal performance and experience.

User experience advise

Your users of IT will judge your services based on their experiences:
Logon times, configuration, application avalability, stability and ease of use... Every environment requires the right toolsets, and one size does NOT fit all!

Product Training & Support

Found your perfect tools?
Train your team (on the job) and manage your own environment in a short time.
And yes: If needed (technical) support for the though items is included ;)


In the past great partnerships have been established. This is with suppliers of IT tools/applications, but also IT companies and distributors.

Second opinions...

Why only ask forit at your doctor?

Second opinion

Finally! The IT infr is updated!

...but not sure if the proposals are OK...

You finally are replacing your IT infrastructure, but are not sure if the offered solution fits your needs.

If you were up for an operation, and don't trust it, you would ask for a second opinion. Why don't you do it in these situations?

We are independant, unbiased and can help you pick the best solution - for your situation!


The ones we trust and use

Consultancy Companies

Consultancy companies

We support the companies you trust!

Working with and for various IT consultancy firms in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany...


Customers and verticals

Supporting and advising various governmental, healthcare and educationals, as well as (large) companies



What we use and advise freqently

AppiXoft, deviceTRUST, Solarwinds, RapidFireTools, ...


What we offer

Why should you contact us?

IT migration projects... Did you think about how your employees get their applications and have the best (logon) experience...?


Lets get in touch...

CoBSS, Heistershof 50, Montfort, NL

Phone: +31 6 20650064

Email: [email protected]

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